Wednesday’s Podcast: College Basketball

It’s March, and that means it’s time for The 252 to devote most of an episode to college basketball! With the help of guest philosopher/Indiana booster Sara Shady, we nominated eight players and coaches for a college hoops Mount Rushmore. You can vote for your four favorites in the poll below.

Before we wrapped up that segment, we also talked about the O’Bannon case, the history of amateurism in college sports, and the regional appeal of college basketball.

Women's basketball at Bethel in the mid-1960s
Women’s basketball at Bethel College in 1966-1967 – Bethel Digital Library

Also, the meaning of the Bryce Harper contract, why racism in soccer complicates our notion of sports as an “innocent” or “meritocratic” space, and the biggest high school sports tournament in the country.

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