Wednesday’s Podcast: Sports and Journalism

This week on The 252 we welcomed Bethel journalism professor Scott Winter and Bethel Clarion sports editor Jared Martinson to our studio. Mostly, they were there to talk about the practice of sports journalism, including the impact of ESPN and digitization, the similarities and differences between reporting and broadcasting, and the economics of covering sports.

But since Chris Moore was unavailable this week, Scott and Jared stayed for the rest of the episode as guest co-hosts, talking about everything from breakdancing as an Olympic sport to the significance for college (and pro) basketball of Zion Williamson’s recent injury.

And we revealed the four members of our Mount Rushmore of Baseball History! Thanks to the many who voted — we’ll try that kind of poll again in a week or two, when we devote an episode to the history of March Madness.

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And be sure to look for Scott’s book, Nebrasketball, and to follow Jared’s basketball-related work at PrepHoops and The Marty Party Podcast.