Wednesday’s Podcast: Sports as Religion

On this week’s episode of The 252, Sam, Chris, and I talked about:

• The death of Hall of Fame baseball player — and pioneering manager — Frank Robinson.

• The cancellation of a football program at one of Bethel’s sister schools.

• The relative greatness of Lindsey Vonn’s recently concluded skiing career, which yielded 3 Winter Olympic medals, 2 world championships, and 82 World Cup wins.

Then in the first installment of a bit we call “Moore or Less,” Chris and I debated whether basketball players should be forced to wait more or less than one year after high school before going pro. Vote in the poll below:

In our second segment, we interviewed Saint Francis University professor Art Remillard about his research into the relationship between sports and religion. Most intriguingly, Art examines how sports as dissimilar as long-distance running and pro football themselves promote a kind of religious behavior in participants or spectators.

Steeler Nation display at Heinz Field
We talked about Art’s 2013 essay on the religious dimensions of rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers — Creative Commons (daveynin)

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