Wednesday’s Podcast: Why We Love Sports

On this week’s episode of The 252, Chris, Sam, and I talked about:

• WNBA superstar Maya Moore’s decision to sit out the 2019 season and concentrate on Christian ministry.

Maya Moore shooting a free throw in 2018
Maya Moore in a 2018 WNBA game – Creative Commons (Lorie Shaull)

(Clarification: on the episode, we discuss some earlier speculation about Moore’s contract status and the possibility that she might not want to stay in Minnesota… After recording, we learned that she has signed a multi-year contract to remain with the Lynx. The StarTribune‘s Kent Youngblood writes that “Moore’s relationship with the team remains strong. She just felt the need to take time for other facets of her life. The contract leaves the door open for Moore to return to the Lynx in 2020 and beyond.”)

• Our fans’ choice for the fourth member of a fictional NFL Mount Rushmore, the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in league history, and what makes a game “exciting” or not.

• And our own history with sports: our (limited) athletic achievements, our favorite moments as fans, and generally, why we love sports. (Why we don’t love sports will become a recurring theme as we start next week to look more critically at this kind of history.)

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