That Was The Week That Was

I’m getting ready for a weekend in Boston, but a few links before I hit the road:


• It’s not every day you get the chance to preach at the most-photographed church in New England.

• It was a Congregational church, but the rest of the week we focused on my own denomination, as Mark Safstrom and I shared our concerns and affections for the Covenant Church on the eve of its annual meeting.

By the way, I’ll be preaching at Covenant churches in Massachusetts tomorrow and July 1st.

…There and Everywhere

• To follow up on topics that Mark and I both mentioned… John Wenrich was elected the Covenant Church’s new president on Friday afternoon. While there were no nominations from the floor, 20% of delegates did vote no. Earlier on Friday, delegates voted down a motion to launch a task force to reexamine the Covenant’s position on sexuality, 65% to 35%.

Fea, Believe Me• John Fea’s much-anticipated book about evangelical support for Donald Trump comes out next week. I reviewed it for The Anxious Bench.

• John’s book is featured in the new issue of The Christian Century, alongside a compelling essay on evangelicalism and race by Seth Dowland.

It’s unlikely that evangelical Christians will turn on Trump over his anti-immigrant policies, but there’s a good case to be made that the United States needs more immigrants, not less.

• I’m as big a Star Trek fan as anyone, but creating a national version of Starfleet might not be as easy as our president seems to think.

• Welcome to the country’s premiere barbershop singing society, women of America!