That Was The Week That Was

While I was busy passing the plate and celebrating a miraculous Vikings win, others were writing about Christianity, history, education, and other things I find interesting:

• I’m not sure I’ve ever willingly read a book by a current, former, or would-be U.S. president. That might change.

• I missed this last week: the most enlightening map of the 2016 election that I’ve seen.

• A new veterans memorial is coming to the National Mall in Washington, DC.

• Why did Carl Henry and his allies never succeed in launching an evangelical research university?

MLK's April 1963 mugshot
King’s mugshot in the Birmingham jail, April 1963 – Wikimedia

• Also at The Anxious Bench, John Turner wrote about immigrants and I wrote about Martin Luther King, Jr., student of history.

• Speaking of… if you missed it Monday, be sure to read Jemar Tisby on the “misappropriation” of MLK.

• My friend Mark Safstrom did a public radio interview about Pietisten and Pietism. (Neither proving all that easy to define neatly.)

• I had no idea: just a few miles from my house, a Lutheran church reaches out to “those who have felt exiled from the church tradition” — by offering Celtic and Nordic evening prayer.

• If you’ve been following the sexuality debate in the Covenant Church and its university (here’s the most current reporting), make sure to see this open letter from North Park Seminary professor Joel Willitts, a response to Minneapolis pastor Dan Collison’s sermon on inclusion. (Whether you agree or disagree with Joel, I appreciate both his irenicism and rigor. By the same token, I appreciate how Dan and some of his parishioners have responded to Joel on social media.)

• Look for the religious angle in this oral history of how the NBA went global in the 1990s.

• [sticks my fingers in my ears and shouts “I can’t hear you”]