Beat Black Friday with The Pietist Option

If you’re like me, the thought of shopping this particular November morning fills you with dread. And yet, those Christmas presents aren’t going to buy themselves.

Black Friday protest
Licensed by Creative Commons (John Henderson)

So why not head over to Amazon and buy copies of The Pietist Option for your friends and family! The hardcover is currently 30% off: just $16.14.

Gehrz & Pattie, The Pietist OptionAnd if you’d like to make the gift a bit more personal, I’d be happy to send you something signed that you can include with the book. A former colleague asked about this for a set of five she was giving out, and it made me wish I’d thought of the idea earlier! Just let me know your address and how many signatures you need, and I’ll get them in the mail as soon as possible.

(Or if you live in the Twin Cities and want something signed in person by both authors, come to Excelsior Covenant Church on Sunday morning, December 10th, where we’ll be preaching/teaching.)

And if you want a Kindle copy for yourself or others… The e-version of The Pietist Option is on sale this extended weekend for just $7.99 — a 65% savings!