That Was The Week That Was


Tentative cover of The Pietist Option• I announced that I’d be taking some time off from blogging in order to focus on revising the manuscript for our forthcoming book on Pietism…

• …then went right ahead and wrote a reflection on why I (eventually) signed the Confessing Faculty statement…

• …and paid tribute to one of my favorite Pietists, Glen Wiberg (1925-2017).

(We’ll see if I’m better about taking time off next week.)

March Madness Update

Er, the less said about my NCAA bracket, the better. It’s only forty points ahead of my “Trump Bracket.” Sad!

…There and Everywhere

Cover of Plough Quarterly
Among other ministries, the Bruderhof publishes Plough Quarterly

• I’ve read all I need to read about the Benedict Option for a while, but at least it gave Rod Dreher an occasion to introduce his many readers to the Bruderhof.

• “Even the recent past is a foreign country”: Elesha Coffman on the demise of “compassionate conservatism.

• I’ve heard the story of Ruby Bridges, the six-year old who integrated New Orleans’ public schools, many times, but I’d always missed one significant detail: that she prayed for those persecuting her.

• Pope Francis met the president of Rwanda and “implored anew God’s forgiveness for the sins and failings of the church and its members” during the 1994 genocide.

• Odd couple of the week: Martin Marty defended the National Endowment for the Humanities while its Arts equivalent picked up the support of Mike Huckabee.

• Glad to see education historian Adam Laats blogging again — e.g., predicting an eventual split between Liberty University and its 2017 commencement speaker.

• Just how unaffordable are American colleges and universities? According to a new study, if you grow up in the lowest quintile of income, no more than 5% are within your reach. If you grow up in the top quintile, 90% are.

• An anti-racism effort at a private college in Minnesota went badly awry.

• A federal judge ruled against an evangelical college that fired an unmarried, pregnant instructor.

• Princeton Theological Seminary rescinded an honor awarded to Tim Keller — but still will have him speak on campus.

• Two Nazarene schools (Eastern and Trevecca) are going to share a president, with an eye to a potential merger in the next three years.

Gardner Hall, Eastern Nazarene College
Gardner Hall at Eastern Nazarene College – Wikimedia

• For a helpful assessment of the strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities facing Christian colleges right now, check out Kristin Du Mez’s most recent post for The Anxious Bench.

• My own AB post this week listed my five favorite movies about World War I.

• I’ve seen a lot of WWI sites in northern France, but never one of the hundreds of underground quarters where you can still find soldiers’ artifacts.