Updates on Our Book: Title, Cover, Revisions

If you don’t hear much from me the rest of the month, it’s because Mark Pattie and I are hard at work revising our manuscript for our forthcoming book! We got some helpful feedback from our editor and external reviewer and are hoping to finish revisions by the end of March, so that the book can possibly come out a bit earlier than expected.

Two other tidbits I can share at this point: the title of the book, and its (nearly finalized) cover:

Tentative cover of The Pietist Option

I’ll keep you up-to-date as we get a clearer sense of the publication timeline. Meanwhile, have fun reading other blogs while I take a break, or if you missed them last fall, read through our sneak peeks of chapters.

(And you can still read me every Tuesday at The Anxious Benchtomorrow morning I’ll have a post on war movies.)