The Big Ten

Presenting the top ten posts of July at The Pietist Schoolman:

  1. "Black lives matter" sign at Philando Castile protest in St. Paul, MN
    Protestor outside the Minnesota governor’s mansion after the police shooting of Philando Castile – Creative Commons (Tony Webster)

    An Inadequate Response to Two More Shootings

  2. “Tell It Like It Is”: How the Church Should Respond to Trump
  3. For My Wife, on Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary
  4. Which Country (and Continent) Dominates Each Olympic Sport?
  5. Why I Signed the Historians Against Trump Letter
  6. Dallas (One More Inadequate Response)
  7. Why Are There No Holidays in August?
  8. Justice Rising? A Pragmatic Look at the Stanford Rape Case (Peter Williams)
  9. What’s Coming Up This Fall at the Conference on Faith and History
  10. So I Guess I Work for One of the Top 100 Universities in the Country

Honorable mentions:

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