What Are the Best History Podcasts?

Hardcore History - Blueprint for Armageddon IWhile I’ve produced dozens of hours of podcasts, I don’t actually listen to them all that often. So I thought I’d use this blog to crowdsource a response to a question from a former student of mine. He had just finished listening to the Hardcore History podcast on World War I and was “Curious as to your thoughts on that podcast or any others that are good for the history buff.”

When I tossed out this question on Twitter this afternoon, Hardcore History was the first suggestion that came back, followed by one for BackStory.

Hardcore History currently sits atop the history podcast list on iTunes, followed by titles like Stuff You Missed in History ClassLoreThe Memory Palace, Revolutions, and BBC Radio production In Our Time.

So what say you, Pietist Schoolman readers? What are your favorite history-related podcasts? Any thoughts on those already mentioned? What others should my former student consider?

One thought on “What Are the Best History Podcasts?

  1. I’m not sure any post about history podcasts is complete without a mention of History According to Bob, which has been cranking out daily history podcasts for more than a decade now. Most important to my own podcast habits, they’re *short*, as he breaks up topics into 10-20 minute segments, and has multiple streams going at any one time. My commute isn’t long enough for most of these hour-plus podcasts. Find Bob at: http://www.summahistorica.com

    Five Minutes in Church History is also on my list, almost entirely because it is short. http://5minutesinchurchhistory.com/

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