Recapping Our World War I Travel Course

It was a week ago tonight that we returned to the States after spending three weeks in Europe, studying the history of World War I with a group of Bethel University students:

Once I get my three spring classes launched today, I’ll have some time to write up more sustained reflections. But as a placeholder, here’s some of what I tweeted from Europe:

As expected, the overhauled WWI galleries at the Imperial War Museum were outstanding — and I’m glad both that we were there before the conclusion of the temporary exhibit on WWI art (“Truth and Memory“) and that we could follow our IWM visit with one to the Tate Britain, where we could put war artists like C.R.W. Nevinson and William Orpen in context:

Not surprisingly, WWI was far more prominent in its centenary in Britain than in Germany – as visits to large book stores in Oxford and Munich demonstrated:

Incidentally, we arrived in Paris one week after the terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices:

I’ve already written extensively about WWI commemoration, but despite following roughly the same path as our first trip, I still found memorials I hadn’t seen before:

I’ll give the last word to one of the many postwar American expats we talked about on the trip:

One thought on “Recapping Our World War I Travel Course

  1. “Christians, Jews, Muslims: Don’t kill in the name of God.”
    ~ “Very well; but not before the other two stop first!”

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