The Big Ten

This will be my last new post for a while, as I’ll take a hiatus during our Thanksgiving break. Next week I’ll go into “Best of” mode, re-running some earlier posts, and maybe do some microblogging at the Pietist Schoolman Facebook page.

Blessings on all of those who will be traveling and gathering to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, but even more so on those for whom the holiday is a reminder of loss and absence.

The ten most popular new posts in the last month here at The Pietist Schoolman:

  1. 2009 Navy committal ceremony at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery
    2009 committal ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery – U.S. Navy

    Veterans Day (For Mike)

  2. That Was The Week That Was (10/25)
  3. That Was The Week That Was (11/1)
  4. How Diverse Are Christian Colleges and Universities?
  5. That Was The Week That Was (11/8)
  6. Do Christian Colleges Mirror the Diversity of Their Locales?
  7. History as Christian Testimony
  8. What Your Name Says About Your Politics
  9. The Wrong Side of History
  10. Does History Teach Lessons?

Then, in honor of the remaining members of the Big “Ten” athletic conference, four older posts that got some new readership this past month:

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