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One of the blessings of taking a two-week break from blogging myself is that it gave me time to catch up on some other blogs. One is Christ & Universitya newer group blog that I’d particularly recommend to those who come to The Pietist Schoolman for reflections on the intersection of Christianity and education.

Header for the Christ & University blog

Featuring a roster of scholars from multiple disciplines, many connected to Baylor University and Spring Arbor UniversityChrist & University was founded to serve as

a place for reflecting theologically on the nature of education and teaching.  Sometimes we will talk about teaching (or practicing) Theology, but most times we will talk about teaching theologically: how to do we teach a variety of subjects with an eye toward understanding them in relation to God?  How can we study biology, or law, or engineering, or English, or fashion merchandising in a humble way such that our study contributes to God’s work of grace in our souls and the souls of our students?  In short, this blog exists to explore the conviction that education is a theological and spiritual endeavor that heals the soul even as it shapes the mind.

To get started, I’d recommend:

Caldecott, Beauty for Truth's SakeMatthew Moser on “Education as Pilgrimage
“Maybe education is best considered a journey through the mystery and truth of all things toward a specific goal. [Stratford] Caldecott gets at this idea in his account of the classical structure of education: the trivium and the quadrivium. The journey through these involved the formation of mind, imagination, and language, as well as the contemplation of the nature and order of created Being.”

Dan McClain, “Under Pressure: A Reflection on Student Writing, Part II

“I want [students] to experience language as a process of formation, of ambiguity, silence, and confrontation. I want to craft a classroom wherein they experience conversation of language as conversion. This means, and this is really important, but they come to see language, and especially writing, as unfulfilled by facile regurgitation. This temptation to think about language as a demonstration or a proof of knowledge is really strong for them. Instead, I hope them to see writing as a process of coming to know, of exploring and experiment, wherein they learn more about what it is to learn. Perhaps through that, they will begin to value that learning more.”

Jeff Bilbro on “A Crisis in the Humanities?

“The humanities will fail if they attempt to look at the beam of light. They will see beauty and culture as quantifiable, scientistically-explainable phenomenon. They will think a brain scan of a human looking at a work of art is an adequate representation of the human experience of beauty. But if the humanities look along the beam of light, they will remember that the humanities are always conducted by humans. And they will remember that ‘the cardinal problem [is] how to conform the soul to reality, and the solution [is] knowledge, self-discipline, and virtue.’ Perhaps then the humanities can help guide us toward the beatific vision that is our true end.”

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