That Was The Week That Was


• Playing Santa for someone who loves to read about history? A few gift suggestions

• Then one more (if that someone is interested in the Jesus People, or just likes well-written religious history).

• Choral music, corporate confession, and comfort with paradox… Why I’m almost a Lutheran.

• And I celebrated Human Rights Day by noting the paired 65th anniversaries of two landmark pieces of human rights legislation.

…There and Everywhere

Sallman, The Head of Christ
Warner Sallman’s famous “Head of Christ,” which first appeared on the cover of my denomination’s magazine, The Covenant Companion – Anderson University

• Who better to dissect a Fox News anchor’s claim that “Jesus was a white man” (and the ensuing responses) than one of the authors of the acclaimed The Color of Christ?

How loud was the great 18th century evangelist George Whitefield? (asked another self-admitted loud speaker)

• What did Roger Olson think of Molly Worthen’s new history of evangelicalism?

• Why, in books like Worthen’s Apostles of Reason, aren’t African-American Pentecostals discussed as evangelicals when their white brethren increasingly are?

• Are you looking for a speaker at your church or conference? Rachel Held Evans suggested 101 women to consider, and her readers offered dozens more.

• Are you wondering what’s been happening with the Mark Driscoll plagiarism controversy? Ruth Graham brought everyone up to speed. (Among her trenchant observations: “For a powerful leader, [Driscoll] is unusually attuned to his critics, and for a man who promotes the virtues of strength, he is quick to emphasize his victimhood.”)

• Do megachurches like Rick Warren’s Saddleback treat Christmas like a “middle-class utopia“? Are their worship services this time of the year “liturgical shock-and-awe campaigns”?

• Why did many Two-Thirds World evangelicals join the Russian Orthodox writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn in criticizing both sides in the Cold War?

1885 British ad for "office paste"
One of the million images: an 1885 ad for “office paste,” from the good people at “Stickphast” – The British Library

• Would you like to peruse over a million images from 17th-19th century British history? (Not pictured: the ten ways that Victorian and Edwardian houses tended to be death traps. Well, maybe they’re pictured — I haven’t looked at all million images…)

• Is the world actually more equal, prosperous, and peaceful than the new Time Man of the Year says it is?

• Are you “anti-gay” if you oppose same-sex marriage? Not necessarily, said one gay writer.

• Finally, why does the Internet exist? To share Christmas and New Year’s cards from the Soviet Union, many featuring Santa Claus in space!

2 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was

  1. This post…so many links…wow! I’ve been very interested in reading Molly Worthen’s history of evangelicalism. Thanks for pointing to Roger Olson’s review. When will Ramsey County Library or some library in the Consortium buy a copy so I don’t have to?

    1. I hope it finds its way into public library systems, Kirk, though it doesn’t seem to be in Ramsey or Hennepin counties’, or St. Paul’s. I did see it on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, which might suggest that it’s going to find a bit more of a popular audience…

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