Update: “Books & Culture” Lives On!

Fantastic news from John Wilson, editor of Books & Culture, the Christian review that needed to complete a quarter-million dollar fundraising target by today in order to stay in print:

Thanks to everyone who pledged toward this goal! Harold Smith, president and CEO of B&C‘s parent organization, Christianity Today International, also wants to express his gratitude:

Harold SmithNever in my 30 years at Christianity Today have I witnessed such an outpouring of generosity and support as I have experienced over these past five days! Your passion and commitment to the ministry of Books & Culture have translated to pledges which, when added to those secured during the “quiet” phase of our campaign, have brought the total amount of 2014 pledges to just over $250K—the amount needed to secure Books & Culture’s financial viability in the year ahead.

In addition, annual amounts of $110K have also been committed by colleges, universities, seminaries, and other individuals for each of the four years following 2014, thus providing our publication with a firmer fiscal foundation for the longer-term.

Needless to say, it has all been quite overwhelming. And we praise God for his hand of blessing!

That from the magazine’s donation page, in case you didn’t have a chance to make a pledge for 2014 but would like to contribute in 2013.

And if you’re not yet a Books & Culture reader, here was my original case for its continuing importance as a Christian review of literature, art, theology, history, and other facets of culture.

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