Pietism Studies at AHA

AHA 2013 Meeting11/16/12 – I’m afraid I’ll be Europe-bound while this is happening, but readers interested in Pietism who happen to live in New Orleans or will be attending the annual meeting of the American Historical Association (AHA) in January might want to stop by the sensational-sounding session entitled “When Religious Leaders Die.” Organized by the Pietism Studies Group, the panel features three leading scholars — all of whom happened to be participants in our 2009 Pietist Impulse conference — looking at Pietist movements after their leaders’ deaths: Peter James Yoder (also a contributor to our Pietist Impulse book) on Halle Pietism after Francke; Paul Peucker on the Moravians after Zinzendorf; and Don Dayton on the Methodists’ split from Anglicanism after John Wesley’s demise. Moravian historian Craig Atwood will provide the response; PSG president Kate Carté Engel (another Pietist Impulse veteran) will chair.

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