That Was The Week That Was

Aside from advertising the opening of registration for our April 20 colloquium on Pietism, announcing a new podcast episode, and revealing the most popular posts in the last month, there wasn’t much happening here while I was on spring break. Meanwhile, in other parts of the blogosphere…

One more post on Joseph Kony… Like almost all of the other pieces on the subject written by Africans, it is mostly critical of the Invisible Children film: “Campaigns like ‘Kony 2012’ aspire to frame the debate about these criminals and inspire action to stop them. Instead, they simply conscript our outrage to advance a specific political agenda — in this case, increased military action.”

Paul S. Boyer
Paul S. Boyer - University of Wisconsin

• The death of Trayvon Martin has caused much reevaluation of race in American society, this version courtesy of Jay Phelan.

• RIP Paul Boyer: one of this country’s leading historians, Boyer died of cancer last Saturday. I’m not an American historian by training, and so haven’t had occasion to read most of his best-known works, but in my Cold War studies I have had the pleasure of reading his essays on nuclear war, By the Bomb’s Early Light. Devin Manzullo-Thomas posted the funeral announcement, and reflected on Boyer’s place as one of the most famous products of the Brethren in Christ Church.

• You don’t see many blog posts that start with a Frederick Wilson Taylor reference… Let alone one that goes on to praise the Amish.

• Eugene Peterson gave Jana Riess a rare interview about The Message, now available in study Bible format with Peterson’s own notes.

• As a Pietist, it was intriguing to read this Catholic perspective on piety — or rather, pietas, a Latin term that folded in love for family and country as well as God. (H/T Matthew Cantirino — who elsewhere gave some free publicity to the New York Center for Art and Media Studies, or NYCAMS, a program administered by my colleagues in the Bethel University art department.)

One thought on “That Was The Week That Was

  1. Thanks for the mention. Not too long ago, I recommended Pietist Impulse in one of my columns. Peace…

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