That Was The Month That Was: Christianity

One last month-long set of links covers posts and articles on Christianity. That Was The Week That Was will return next Saturday. • Why kick off a list of links on Christianity with Miles Mullin’s Anxious Bench post on American Sniper? Because Clint Eastwood’s Iraq War film “raises questions about the thinness of American Civil religion, a religion in which the … More That Was The Month That Was: Christianity

That Was The Week That Was

Here… We heard from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Christena Cleveland, Makoto Fujimura, and Allan Boesak. I’ll write more next week. …There and Everywhere • I wasn’t the only white evangelical writer suggesting that what happened to Michael Brown (and Eric Garner) should prompt us to listen more closely to people of color. Fred Sanders of Biola University called the sequence … More That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • From France (soft power of, as developed through funding of language immersion schools)… • …to Germany (stereotypes in, as rooted in Pietist frugality)… • …to the Ukraine (starvation of, by Stalin and Hitler), The Pietist Schoolman is your source for all things European! • Then, for variety’s sake, some advice for Christian parents looking to … More That Was The Week That Was

The Pietist Impulse: Wesley

Part four of our romp through The Pietist Impulse in Christianity raises another deceptively simple question, “Was John Wesley a Pietist?” Even if one accepts a definition of “Pietist” that encompasses people other than early modern German Lutherans, Wesley is a controversial figure. He is included in Carter Lindberg’s popular collection, The Pietist Theologians, and … More The Pietist Impulse: Wesley