That Was The Week That Was

This week I finished another chapter in my Lindbergh biography and recorded podcasts about the Olympics and the importance of philosophy in a time of pandemic. Elsewhere: • I was doubly grateful to Elesha Coffman: not just for giving me a week off at The Anxious Bench, but articulating something about teaching online that I’d struggled … More That Was The Week That Was

Wednesday’s Podcast: Pandemics and Philosophy

On this week’s second episode of Pandemics and the Liberal Arts, Amy Poppinga and I talked to our friend and colleague Sara Shady about the significance of philosophy in the midst of COVID-19. It was fantastic! Sara primarily talked about ethics — how doctors, nurses, researchers, and others make decisions about health care during a pandemic; … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Pandemics and Philosophy

How’s Lindbergh Doing?

I took a weekend off from sharing my usual That Was The Week That Was collection of links, but I had a good reason: I wrote seventeen pages of my Lindbergh project! That chapter wrapped up this afternoon, so now feels like a good time to share an update on my progress. If you’re new to the … More How’s Lindbergh Doing?

“Nothing for your journey”: The Future of the Christian Liberal Arts

By the time this week is done, something like thirty members of the Bethel University faculty will learn that their positions are being eliminated after 2020-21. And even if I don’t lose my job, it’s likely that I’ll still be affected indirectly by restructuring and streamlining of departments and programs. For months, I’ve been dreading … More “Nothing for your journey”: The Future of the Christian Liberal Arts

That Was The Week That Was

This week I wrapped up my devotional series on “The With-God Life,” shared some wise words from one of my favorite historians, started a new podcast exploring the importance of the liberal arts in the middle of a pandemic, and considered Christian responses to the polio scares of the 1950s. Elsewhere: • I mentioned C.S. Lewis’ … More That Was The Week That Was

Introducing Our Newest Podcast: “Pandemics and the Liberal Arts”

Last week I was chatting with my Bethel colleague Amy Poppinga. As we compared notes on how classes are going now that we’ve moved online, we both realized the wide variety of ways we’re using history to help students think about COVID-19. In fact, this pandemic has left both of us feeling even more confident … More Introducing Our Newest Podcast: “Pandemics and the Liberal Arts”

Jill Lepore on History

This week in our department’s Intro to History course, we’re talking about history as a form of literature. Wanting to point students to some of my favorite writing historians, I started with Jill Lepore, the Harvard professor who also writes regular essays for The New Yorker. (“All historians are coroners,” she began a 2019 piece … More Jill Lepore on History