Now Available for Preorder: My Charles Lindbergh Biography

If you’re the kind of person who likes to do their book shopping months in advance, I have very good news for you: my spiritual biography of Charles Lindbergh is now available for pre-order, far ahead of its scheduled publication in August 2021!

Cover of Flying Solo

Time will tell if the writing holds up, but the cover makes a strong first impression.

I wish I could tell you the name of the photographer who took this striking shot of Lindbergh before his history-making flight to Paris in May 1927. Most images of Lindbergh from that time show him looking (shyly usually, or diffidently) at the camera, but this one captures Lindbergh gazing off on his own. And that gets right at a core theme of the book, as summarized at the end of the publisher’s description:

For all his earnest curiosity, Lindbergh remained unwilling throughout his life to submit to any spiritual authority beyond himself and ultimately rejected the ordering influence of church, tradition, scripture, or creed. In the end, the man who flew solo across the Atlantic insisted on charting his own spiritual path, drawing on multiple sources in such a way that satisfied his spiritual hunger but left some of his most troubling convictions unchallenged.

To read the full description and review the table of contents, check out the Eerdmans page for Flying Solo. You can also preorder the book there or from Amazon, where we’ve already cracked the top 10 sellers list for “Aviation & Nautical Biographies.” (Or better yet, wait till it comes available from your favorite independent book store.)

I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to publication, but it’s exciting to start that clock ticking.