This Friday: “The Pietist Option for Bethel”

If things seem quiet around this blog, it’s because I’m preparing to give my first Bethel Chapel talk this Friday morning.

I’ll be following in the wake of Bethel president Jay Barnes, who this morning managed to quote Linda Ronstadt in the midst of a message on Ephesians 2:1-10


Having taken themes from my book with Mark Pattie and taught about “Pietist options” for Evangelical Covenant, Lutheran, and Baptist churches, I’m thrilled to be invited to explain for students, colleagues, and other members of our community what our Pietist heritage means for Bethel. Not as a lecture on history, but as a sermon on the passage that G.W. Carlson told me to read when I first started asking him about Pietism: the resurrection accounts in Luke 24 — specifically, the Emmaus Road story (vv 13-35).

The Pietist Option plus a Bible open to Luke 24

Please join us Friday if you can; worship starts in Benson Great Hall at 10:15am. But if you aren’t able to be in Chapel, I’ll try to share the audio or video when it comes available.

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