Saturday’s Podcast: Family History and WWII

We’re in Munich, near the end of our World Wars in Western Europe tour. Before heading home, we recorded one more episode of our Pietist Schoolman Podcast with four more trip goers: Barb and Jim Lindberg, Jim’s sister Sherri Berry, and Sherri’s husband Dale. I especially appreciate them sharing reflections on our recent tour of Normandy and other world war battlefields.

What’s distinctive is that they weren’t just visiting the places where military history was made, but family history: Sherri and Jim’s father was badly wounded in France in 1944. Barb’s father fought as a Marine in the Pacific, and Dale’s dad, a Christian conscientious objector, worked as an Army medic. It was so moving to hear them share their fathers’ stories, the connections they had made to sites we saw, and what they’ve learned from the experience.

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