That Was The Week That Was


• I know Americans love to rank things, but maybe not preaching, okay?

• Another kind of ranking dispute got me thinking about how we decide what makes a college or university Christian.

…There and Everywhere

Beth Moore• I’ll have more to say about it on Tuesday at the Bench, but if you haven’t seen it yet, put this post on hold and read Beth Moore’s “Letter to My Brothers.” (And then read the apology that Thabiti Anyabwile wrote in response.)

• She didn’t name Paige Patterson, but it seems like Moore’s letter was prompted in part by the troubling allegations against the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary — who subsequently dismissed a PhD student who had the temerity to retweet Ed Stetzer’s critique of a largely unapologetic Patterson.

• Men, forget the “Billy Graham Rule.” Instead, embrace this alternative.

• Is the rise of populism and nationalism around the world leaving Pope Francis isolated?

• I have no idea how to make the history of a rather minor saint’s day sound interesting at first glance, so just trust me and read my Anxious Bench post about St. Joseph the Worker.

• Did clergy protests against the Vietnam War help create the religious right?

• Not really a post or article, but take some time to read (yes, read) this student’s Hamilton-inspired art work.

• I think first responders might have something to say about this, but sure, being a college president seems impossible.

• There’s a scandal involving the son of a Christian college president — who landed at another Christian college, also with his son.

• One of my favorite historians of religion and higher education interviewed another.

• Did you realize that public colleges and universities in most states now depend more on tuition than government appropriations for their revenue?

One of my favorite foods has been living a lie…

• And we’ve been getting Babe Ruth wrong.