For Your Listening Pleasure: The Pietist Option as Audiobook

Today is yet another release date for The Pietist Option, as the audio version of our book comes available. So if you have a long commute, or Christmas travel coming up, or simply enjoy listening to books as much as reading them… You can download our audiobook from Christian Audiowhere members only have to spend $7.49. (There’s a free 30-day trial membership, if you’re new to that site.)

Audio version of The Pietist OptionAt one point I had this idea that Mark and I would have to hole up in a studio doing endless takes reading through the book. Fortunately, a professional named Sean Runnette did the recording, so the book sounds far better than it does in my head! (You can listen to a sample, from Mark’s chapter on the Bible.) Altogether, the unabridged version runs just shy of five hours.

(Incidentally, having this particular reader puts us in the company of Christian authors ranging from Andy Crouch and Adam Hamilton to Jonathan Edwards and Thomas à Kempis.)