Cast Your Vote for The Pietist Option!

Gehrz & Pattie, The Pietist OptionThanks to everyone who nominated The Pietist Option for an InterVarsity Press Readers’ Choice Award! I’m happy to report that we are one of the finalists in the Academic category, where we keep company with a conversation with N.T. Wright, not one but two books about Karl Barth, and books on everything from missiology to creation.

It’s an honor just to be included on such a list, but if you did read The Pietist Option and think that it deserves a still higher honor, please do take a moment to cast your vote. You can vote for two books in the Academic category. (I’m sure I’ll cast one of my votes for Gordon Smith’s Evangelical, Sacramental & Pentecostal.) And then there are ballots for IVP Books (2 votes) and the Praxis, Formatio, and Connect imprints (1 each).

I’m not sure you should vote often, but do vote early — it closes on December 3rd. Thanks for your support!