An Author’s Prayer

The words that came to mind this long-awaited morning, as our book finally reaches its audience…

Gehrz & Pattie, The Pietist OptionGod our Father, who spoke light and life into existence,
Forgive me when I have been too quick to speak —
and too slow to speak out.
You have made me in your creative image;
Thank you for the privilege of creating, of imagining, this book.
Use it, I pray, for your glory and the good of our neighbors.

Lord Jesus, who are the Word made flesh,
Thank you for the joy of loving you with my mind.
May the work of writing be a living sacrifice to you,
and a means of renewal for your disciples.
Author and perfecter of our faith,
help us all to live more and more as people of your Resurrection;
Send us out of our comfortable places,
knowing that your peace will be with us wherever we go.

Holy Spirit, who searches everything, even the depths of God,
Help me, by your power, to utter words of knowledge and wisdom,
to grow as a teacher and writer —
and to know the still more excellent way of love.
Intercede for me with sighs too deep for what’s written on these pages,
That God may grant us unity in You,
till we be one — as Father and Son are one.