That Was The Week That Was


• I missed TWTWTW last Saturday because we were visiting Charles Lindbergh’s childhood home.

• Bethel made the news for its high alumni marriage rate.

• Much as he talks about loyalty, our current president doesn’t exactly exemplify that virtue.

• What Christians can learn about Jesus from a non-Christian Nobel Peace Prize laureate who died earlier this month.

…There and Everywhere

• Where did the “altar call” come from? Tommy Kidd explains.

Wigger, PTL• Raise your hand if you remember Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

• Fascinating analysis: Did evangelicals actually “hold their noses” to vote for Donald Trump?

• 44% of Americans think Islam and democracy are naturally in conflict — but 72% of evangelicals feel that way.

• Despite right-wing fears that welcoming Syrian refugees would lead to the “Islamicization” of Germany, the actual religious effects have been quite complicated.

• If all he did was publish a book a year and write six posts a month for The Anxious Bench, Philip Jenkins would be a prolific writer. But somehow he also finds ways to write about, say, the Christian history of the world’s largest megacity for The Christian Century.

• “Woke” is not “cool” — and I’m neither.

• Except in the for-profit realm, the higher ed “bubble” isn’t popping… but it is leaking.

• Still, more and more of the economy’s good-paying jobs are going to college graduates.

• Administrative bloat is often cited as a cause of higher ed’s economic woes, but some kinds of universities are much more efficient than others in this regard.

• Attention, map fans: rivers as subways, and the stagnant population growth of most Northeastern towns.

• So this is what “New Coke” felt like…