Six Years of Blogging

I was too busy with church and family things to pay attention, but it finally struck me that last month marked two blogging anniversaries for me: six years since I launched The Pietist Schoolman, and one year since I joined The Anxious Bench as blogmeister and Tuesday contributor.

Pietist Schoolman homepage on July 1, 2011
What this blog looked like back on July 1, 2011, thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

I’m noodling on a separate post about how I’m rethinking my approach to blogging, so here I’ll just (a) say a huge thank you to everyone who reads anything I write, and (b) share some of my most popular posts — from my entire first year at The Anxious Bench and from the first six months of this year at this blog.

My Top 10 Pietist Schoolman Posts So Far in 2017

  1. The Silencing of Conservative Christians Opposed to Trump
  2. The Face of Christian Higher Education Is Not Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  3. The Graham Rule and Barriers to Women in Leadership at Christian Colleges
  4. The Pietist Option in Practice: The Evangelical Covenant Church
  5. “Pietism is the way the pastor does things”: Glen Wiberg (1925-2017)
  6. Confessing Faculty: Why I Signed (and Why I Hesitated)
  7. On Banning Refugees
  8. Two Problems with Mike Pence’s Naval Academy Address
  9. “Plotting the Resurrection”: Final Thoughts on Glen Wiberg
  10. Update: How Well Paid Are Christian College Presidents?

My Top 10 Anxious Bench Posts since June 2016

  1. I Do Not Owe “Total Allegiance” to America
  2. A Brief History of Vacation Bible School
  3. Could the U.S. Finally Get a Significant Christian Democratic Party?
  4. 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Study History
  5. Remembering the Armenian Genocide
  6. Saying Farewell to Books and Culture
  7. The Bonhoeffer Effect, “Unpleasant Parallels,” and the 2016 Election
  8. Religion in The Olympics… and The Olympics as Religion
  9. Religious Freedom: The Contested Core of Baptist Identity
  10. Reformed and Always Reforming… Even 499 Years Later