That Was The Week That Was


Early notices on The Pietist Option have been very encouraging!

• One endorsement made me think of Stan Grenz, the self-proclaimed “Pietist with a Ph.D.

• I revisited a question I first asked four years ago: How much do Christian college presidents make?

• And as I work this summer, here’s what you’ll find in my earbuds.

…There and Everywhere

• For the 150th time, Happy Canada Day!

Canadian flag flying
Licensed by Creative Commons (Jeff Smith)

• The Washington Post‘s new Made by History section debuted, the same week that historians debated whether or not they ought to be making historical analogies in the public eye.

Long & Lamb, Jackie Robinson• Vying for the honor of busiest historian in my news feed: Heath Carter (who reviewed books about American pacifism and the faith of Woodrow Wilson) and Paul Putz (last seen reviewing two spiritual biographies of Jackie Robinson and feeding me fascinating Methodist documents about Charles Lindbergh).

Christian ethicists warned about the rise of left-wing “fundamentalism.”

• One of my former students wrote for Jesus Creed about egalitarian views of gender.

Religion & Politics ran a typically thoughtful piece on the problems and possibilities of Christian feminism in today’s political and religious climate.

• I wish I’d come across this reflection on Luther’s 95 Theses before I finished teaching an adult Sunday School class on the Reformations. (Not to worry: I’ve got a second crack at that topic this fall.)

• Sociologist Peter Berger, an “incurable Lutheran” who died this week, was “something of a rock star among Christ-following academics.”

• Maybe if it’s published in Harvard Business Review and features quotes from tech sector leaders, then people will take seriously an article extolling the practical virtues of the humanities.

• College student debt is often a misunderstood subject, but Kate Shellnutt wrote a nicely-reported article on the subject for Christianity Today.

• Learn more about Baylor’s new president, the first woman to hold that position.

• After hearing a talk on the subject, Rod Dreher called into question “Christian worldview” education.

• I didn’t talk (much) about Wilco in my “summer soundtrack” post, but I’m pretty excited by the arrival of the new Jeff Tweedy solo acoustic album.