That Was The Week That Was

Only time for a short set of links, since we’re getting ready to head up to Collegeville, Minnesota, where Bethel is taking on Macalester for a spot in the NCAA Division III baseball tournament.


• Perhaps historians like me have given nostalgia short shrift.

• What do I do as a Christian blogger? Not teaching, not preaching, but thinking about God in public.

• One benefit of writing about the timeline as a historical tool was that G.W. Carlson came to mind…

…There and Everywhere

• Is there a better way to do humanitarian relief?

• Germany’s Evangelical Church recently apologized for its genocidal treatment of a people-group in southern Africa. But the conflict is far from over.

Herero prisoners ca. 1900
Herero taken prisoner by German soldiers ca. 1900, during wars that eventually led to the near-extermination of that population – Bundesarchiv

• Publishing is not exactly a growth industry these days… unless you’re putting out religious books for kids.

• Substitute my children for the author’s and this piece on Hamilton could describe my life as a parent.

• Only one in four Americans thinks our higher education system is functioning well.

• On an unrelated note… The President of the United States is giving the commencement address at a university whose president epitomizes John Fea’s new phrase: “the court evangelicals.”

• Over at The Anxious Bench I shared a brief talk I gave this spring on teaching as an act of wonder, but my favorite piece at that blog was Andrea Turpin’s guest post on diversity in two of her Baylor history courses.

• I’m not sure how much good is coming out of the Duke Divinity School fracas, but this response is worth reading for its reflections on vocation and work.