How I Live-Tweeted The Great War on PBS

Last night marked the conclusion of The Great War, the three-part episode of PBS’ venerable American Experience documentary series focused on World War I. I live-tweeted each night of the miniseries, highlighting interesting facts and quotations from the episodes, but also trying to enrich it by sharing photos from our WWI travel course, suggesting further readings, and linking to newspapers, memoirs, posters, films, speeches, and other primary sources.

So if you’re interested in learning more about America’s role in the Great War, watch the miniseries online and check out the sampling of my tweets collected below.

Episode 1

(Here I was quoting A. Scott Berg, the Wilson biographer who is a talking head on the miniseries. But as someone on Twitter pointed out, this statement isn’t quite true: Wilson was born before the Civil War started.)

Episode 2

Episode 3

(I’ve written at greater length about my great-grandmother — and my great-great uncle, see below — here at The Pietist Schoolman.)

One more reminder for those of you who live in the area… Next Thursday night (April 20, 7pm), I’ll be giving a free lecture at the New Ulm Public Library on WWI memorials.