The Pietist Option for (Current and Former) Evangelicals: My February 21 Lecture at North Park

Among several speaking engagements coming up this winter and spring, I’m particularly excited to announce that I’ll be giving a lecture on Pietism on Tuesday night, February 21st at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois.

Nyvall Hall at North Park University
Nyvall Hall, home of North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago – Creative Commons (Túrelio)

Scheduled for 7:00pm in Nyvall Hall’s Olsson Lounge, I’m calling the lecture “The Pietist Option for (Current and Former) Evangelicals.” I’ll be sharing my own story as a Christian whose faith matured at the intersection of Pietism and evangelicalism, then suggesting how the former can help renew the latter — or provide a landing spot for post-evangelicals. In particular, I plan to discuss Pietist perspectives on the classic evangelical “quadrilateral” of biblicism, crucicentrism, conversionism, and activism.

(By the way, the title also nods to the final title for my forthcoming book with Mark Pattie — The Pietist Option: Hope for the Renewal of Christianity. Stay tuned for details as that project moves forward!)

I’m especially tickled to be giving this talk in places named for Karl Olsson and David Nyvall, two of my intellectual heroes as a Covenanter who works in higher education. Thanks to Andy Meyer and the rest of the Friends of Covenant History team for making it all possible!

If you live in or near Chicago, I hope you can make it! I’ll also be around the following morning and may have time to meet up with some folks, pending the rest of my schedule at North Park. And if you aren’t able to attend, I know that Andy is hoping to video record the lecture and make it available via the Covenant, as they did last year with Mark Safstrom’s talk on the Bible.

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