How to Watch the 2016 Bethel Colloquium on Pietism Online

While we expect a great turn-out tomorrow at the 2016 Bethel Colloquium on Pietism, we also know that those of you not living in or near the Twin Cities area probably weren’t able to attend. (I’m in that boat myself, since we’re in the last week of my sabbatical in Virginia.) So I’m happy to announce that you can watch the event online!

Click here to access Bethel’s streaming service. Even if you can’t watch sessions live, video of the colloquium will be archived and available for on-demand viewing. [Update: I’ve added the schedule of sessions below, with links to each stream. If using Chrome, make sure your browser and Flash player are up-to-date.]

It promises to be a terrific day. In addition to our esteemed speakers — Efrem Smith, Mark Safstrom, Mark Granquist, and Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom — we’ll have responses from my Bethel colleagues Christian Collins Winn (co-author of Reclaiming Pietism) and Carrie Peffley, plus United Seminary theologian Kyle Roberts.

The Pietist Impulse in Christianity coverKyle was kind enough to help spread the word at his Unsystematic Theology blog, where he quoted Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard in making his case for the contemporary relevance of Pietism:

Kierkegaard once called Pietism, “the one and only consequence of Christianity.” He was careful to point out that he wasn’t inspired by the legalistic and moralistic manifestations of Pietism (no drinking, dancing, etc.). These preoccupations were perversions of Christianity. Rather, it was the heartfelt inwardness that was linked to the earnest attempt to follow Christ, even in the face of “collisions” with the world. That’s the Pietism he wanted — and that should inspire us still today.

(Kyle contributed a chapter on Kierkegaard to our 2011 collection, The Pietist Impulse in Christianity.)

Colloquium Schedule

9:00am          The History of Scandinavian Pietism (Mark Granquist, Mark Safstrom)

10:20am        Pietism Today (Efrem Smith)

12:45pm        Pietism, Gender, and Contemporary Christianity (Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom)

2:00pm         Rough cut of the documentary God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good

2 thoughts on “How to Watch the 2016 Bethel Colloquium on Pietism Online

  1. Watching Efrem Smith now. Great. Thanks. I didn’t hear about this event at all through Bethel e-announcements or anything like that. Your blog is first I have heard about it somehow.

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