That Was The Week That Was


• The Confederate flag no longer flies over the South Carolina state house, but what should be done with all those Confederate memorials?

• Why do History majors tend to come from more affluent families?

• What’s the “Benedict Option” — and why should you be cautious about it?

• Baylor University and Hope College: are Christian colleges going to be more affirming of homosexuality in the wake of the Supreme Court’s marriage decision?

…There and Everywhere

• Updates to that post: Belmont University will join Hope in offering benefits to same-sex spouses, but CCCU members Westmont, Wheaton, Messiah, and Azusa Pacific said they wouldn’t revise their policies. And Baylor’s change of policy language might not indicate that big a shift after all…

Pentecostal church in New York City
One of the many Hispanic Pentecostal churches in New York City – Creative Commons (Jim Henderson)

• Does their history with divorce suggest how evangelicals might change their mind about same-sex marriage?

• Kyle Roberts argued that a commitment to biblical authority need not keep evangelicals and post-evangelicals from taking an inclusive LGBT position — in fact, it might lead them to that belief.

• The New York Times is my favorite newspaper, but their coverage of religion can be a bit awkward. Alternative headline for this article: “Hey guys, there are evangelicals in NYC! Lots of ’em!”

• The Archbishop of Canterbury explained why he’s a Christian: “…because it makes sense to me, because Jesus rose from the dead, he conquered death and sin and suffering. I’m a Christian because in Jesus I see the God who didn’t say, ‘this is how you lot have got to behave and I’m going to watch you and judge you,’ but came alongside us and lived in the middle of the absolute foulest mess and himself died unjustly young in great agony and bore all that was wrong in this world on his shoulders.

“I’m a Christian because in my own experience I’ve run away and he’s met me and yet not been angry with me; when I’ve failed he’s picked me up and healed and strengthened me.”

• If you read my attempt to summarize the Benedict Option and were still confused about what it does and doesn’t mean in practice… Rod Dreher attempted to clarify things.

• Jeffrey Bilbro shared an excerpt from his new book on Christianity and ecological ethics in American literature.

• It sounds like two new Christian movies get war wrong.

• Remember when Christians didn’t read Harry Potter or get tattoos?

Fried, The Middle Ages• Even if Greece remains in the European Union… Historically, it’s never been quite clear if it’s part of Europe.

• Great line from Eric Christiansen’s review of a new attempt to rehabilitate the image of the Middle Ages against the sneers of moderns: “Even those who doubt that hot air is the best way of defeating hot air will be impressed by the main body of the work, which covers a thousand years of mostly Western and Central European history with magnificent confidence.”

• Interesting post from an early modernist on listening to the silences of history.

• While often misunderstood and reviled, Anabaptists have occasionally received positive mentions in literature and the media…

• While Americans are removing symbols of the Confederacy, some Spaniards are removing symbols of Francisco Franco.

• World War II was important for lots of reasons. Here’s one you might not have considered: it revolutionized map-making.

• Jay Case reminded us that rioting is a venerable American tradition.

• I’m not sure which is the more surprising fact: that until this week Iceland had a law banning blasphemy, or that it was only 75 years old.

• Today marks the 20th anniversary of the genocidal (yes, Russia: genocidal) massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica.

• Have you ever wanted to design a war memorial? You’ve got eleven days left

• What’s the role of history museums, and how are they changing?

• Are more partnerships and mergers in the future for American colleges and universities?

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