My “Triumphant Return to Podcasting”

Coming next month to iTunes: The Pietist Schoolman Podcast!

I’m not sure if “triumphant” is the right word here, but who am I to disagree with the people who are going to host the first podcast series I’ll have attempted in about four years?

(Yes, I have a past life as a serial podcaster, having produced Radio Modern Europe from 2007-2008 and been a co-host on CWC: The Radio Show for several years and The Policast and Historia! on a more occasional basis.)

Podcasting for DummiesIn any case, the upshot here is that I’ve finally bit the bullet and decided to spin a podcast off from this blog. It will be more focused than the original Pietist Schoolman platform, with the first season mostly omitting history and instead focusing on intersections of Christianity with education.

I couldn’t quite bring myself to make this the third consecutive Monday post titled “Taking Our Book on the Road,” but metaphorically, that’s my goal with the initial run of 10-12 episodes:

To keep taking our “conversation” about The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education beyond Bethel, to anyone in the world who might care to listen and respond. About half the episodes will feature contributors to the book, giving us a chance to dive deeper into what they wrote and then move on to other topics that might have been skimmed over in the book itself. For that latter reason, we’ll also bring in some other colleagues from Bethel to help us fill in some of the holes in our “whole and holy” project. (For example, I want to start sketching Pietist visions of student development and seminary education.) Finally, I’m planning to invite in some guests who can represent other religious traditions with connections to Pietism: e.g., Lutheran, Wesleyan, and Brethren.

You’ll find us over at The Christian Humanist website on Thursdays, starting in mid-to-late April and continuing through June. (That’s also where you can find my recent appearance on Christian Humanist Profiles.) Of course, I’ll post updates here as new episodes appear. Stay tuned!

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