The Big Ten

The ten most popular posts in the last month here at The Pietist Schoolman:

  1. Enstrom, "Grace"
    Eric Enstrom’s famous 1918 photo, “Grace” – Wikimedia

    Should Christian Scholars be Watchdogs? An Interview with David Barton Critic Warren Throckmorton

  2. When I’m a “Functional Atheist”
  3. Baptist Stations of the Cross (G.W. Carlson)
  4. The Spread of Technology since 1900
  5. WWI in Classical Music
  6. Majoring in History, Thriving in Business
  7. My Summer Plans? A Digital History of a Christian College in Wartime
  8. Was WWI “Pointless Carnage”?
  9. The Two (or Three) Why’s of History
  10. Congratulations to the Archives of the BGC and Bethel University!

Then, in honor of the remaining members of the Big “Ten” athletic conference, four more recent posts that I especially enjoyed but didn’t quite make the cut:

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