New from Sam Mulberry: The Autobiography Podcast!

Chris Gehrz and Sam Mulberry
Sam and me just after our interview – you can tell that this is from January, since I still have my J-term beard…

4/12/14 – Please do yourself a favor and visit Autobiography, the new podcast/blog from my good friend and frequent collaborator Sam Mulberry. I was honored to be Sam’s first interview, but he’s now on to episode four and going strong. The idea here is straightforward, and powerful: inspired by something Frederick Buechner once wrote, Sam chats with a friend about their intellectual autobiography, with a particular interest in what led them into teaching. “I want to sit down and talk with the people I know,” writes Sam in his introduction. “To collect their stories and their wisdom. I want to be open to what I can learn about teaching, and God, and life.” In the process, we learn about the same things from Sam, as he’s more conversation partner than interviewer. Check it out!

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