RIP Robert Sandin (1927-2014)

Robert T. Sandin, 1970
Sandin in the Bethel Clarion in 1970, when he returned to his alma mater to give a convocation address on “Christian Higher Education in America” – Bethel University Digital Library

4/10/14 – Thanks to G.W. Carlson for drawing my attention to the recent passing of a fellow Covenanter in higher education: Robert T. Sandin. An alumnus of Bethel College and Seminary who went on to earn a PhD in philosophy from the University of Minnesota, Sandin served as an administrator at Northwestern (MN), North Park, Mercer, the University of Toledo, and other schools and wrote extensively about Christian higher education and the relationship between philosophy and religion. (He also penned several pieces for the journal Pietisten.) You can read his full obituary here.

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