RIP Nancy Lundquist (1919-2014)

Nancy as photographed for an April 1982 Clarion article
Nancy in the last year of her president’s tenure at Bethel – Bethel University Digital Library

I was sorry to learn this morning that Nancy Lundquist died yesterday at the age of 94, having outlived her husband, long-serving (1954-1982) Bethel president Carl Lundquist, by twenty-three years. The two were partners in many respects, particularly in their shared commitment to spiritual disciplines, formation, and retreats.

In the coming days, look for some lengthier comments about Nancy and her legacy from my colleague G.W. Carlson.

In the meantime, you can read her 1996 address, “Celebrating the Goodness of God at Bethel” (on the occasion of the school’s 125th anniversary) in the July 2004 issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion — alongside her daughter Carole’s recollections about “Growing Up in a Pietist Home.” Or read her exit interview with Bethel’s student newspaper in the April 30, 1982 issue of The Clarion.

Nancy’s funeral will be this Thursday, 11am, at Calvary Church in Roseville, MN. (The same place where we gathered last fall to celebrate the life of her son-in-law, Jim Spickelmier.) Click here for the full obituary and memorial information.

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