Fun with Google

While I’m grateful beyond words for my dedicated readers who follow this blog regularly, the majority of visits to this site come from people who are looking for something specific on Google and land here. Usually the searches are predictable: “Christian colleges”; “Bethel financial challenges”; “how do I buy a copy of The Pietist Impulse in Christianity.” (Well, not the last one so much. In fact, when I entered it on Google, this blog was the very last result on the first page, well behind Amazon, the publisher, and — ! — Walmart.)

Google LogoBut whenever I check such things, I invariably find at least a couple of search strings that seem inexplicable. A few of the more perplexing, amusing, or infuriating examples from recent months:

  • “women are teachable” and “should women exercise”
  • “where can i contact christians in norway willing to fund evangelistic projects” and “are christians prohibited to evangelize in norway?”
  • “joyce kilmer, the poet who killed himself” (um, no)
  • “a schoolman’s christmas carol based on the night before christmas”
  • “cooks illustrated bacon apple stuffing” and “‘cooks illustrated’ butternut apple soup (what, you think a post about that magazine has no logical connection with the mission of a blog devoted to “exploring Christianity, history, education, and how they intersect”?)
  • “what food did mrs cratchit might serve at christmas dinner”
  • “what does robberlike fierceness mean”
  • “define pietism and describe how it is reflected in the work and life of john wesley” (glad I could help you write your essay, anonymous college or seminary student)
  • “questions to ask 4th graders about moses”
  • “b+” (my favorite grade to give students, but not quite sure why it would bring anyone here…)
  • john fea liberation theology”
  • jay phelan heresy”
  • “the best christian blog for the culture” (thanks, Google!)

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