“Lest We Forget”

In two and a half years of blogging, I’ve written a fair amount about the commemoration of war. If those forty posts haven’t been the kind you normally read, consider taking a few minutes this Remembrance/Veterans Day to explore that theme.

First, an array of some of the images of cemeteries, memorials, monuments, and other commemorative sites that I’ve blogged about:

You can also visit my photoblog on military commemoration, Memento belli, where today’s post focuses on the “studiously simple” Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

Then if you want to read more… I’ve run series on the commemoration of World War I (in Europe and Minnesota) and World War II (largely as it’s happened here in Minnesota).

One thought on ““Lest We Forget”

  1. I’ve been following the blog in general off and on, but WW1 Monuments are a passion of mine (despite an Anabaptist background, odd I admit). I thought you might be interested to know that the World War One Centennial Commission is preparing to have a dedicated webpage to Monuments to the Great War.

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