Albums A to Z: A Mid-Series Recap

Last summer I killed some time filled some space indulged my own narcissism explored something other than “Christianity, history, education, and how they intersect” with a series of posts called “Albums A to Z.” In the spirit of trying to listen to music that I’d once enjoyed but hadn’t had the time or inclination to revisit, I decided to work my way through twenty-six albums by twenty-six different artists/bands, one letter at a time. We got through ‘L’ before I ran out of steam and decided to get serious about preparing for the coming semester.

Here’s a recap, in case you missed some or all of the series:

I have a feeling we won’t see Z until summer of 2014 or ’15, but I thought I’d go ahead and resume the series next week and see how far it takes us. As it continues, look for everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Arcade Fire, She & Him to Hüsker Dü. And yes, The Beatles will make an appearance.

But we’ll kick off Monday with one of my favorite comedy albums…

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