Back from Europe!

Good to be back home after three weeks in Europe teaching about World War I… I’ll be easing back into blogging this week, starting with a post tomorrow soliciting readers’ thoughts about the questions I’ll be asking Feb. 8-10 when I teach the Winter Seminar at Bethlehem Covenant Church in Minneapolis. Then I’ll stretch out my usual Saturday links post into three “That Was The Month That Was” posts sharing some links on Christianity, history, and education that I flagged on Google Reader or Twitter during my wireless-connected moments in Europe.

I’m sure I’ll also have plenty of posts stemming from our experiences in Europe. In the meantime, please head over to our department blog, AC 2nd, where this morning I posted the last of four updates walking readers through our experiences, this one focused on our time in Munich spent exploring the connections between the First World War and the Second (including lots on Hitler, Nazism, and the Holocaust). (Here are the earlier posts featuring highlights from our time in London, on the Western Front, and in Paris.) And we’ll have one more post later this week, featuring parting thoughts from some of the twelve students who went on this, the first edition of our WWI travel course. We’ll do it again in two years, January 2015, when we’ll have the chance to experience some centennial commemorations of the war.

Teaching our first class of the trip, in Trafalgar Square
Teaching our first class of the trip, in Trafalgar Square

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