Fun with Googling

One of the statistics provided every day by WordPress (the service that hosts this blog) is a list of “referrers,” websites that blog visitors click on to get to your blog. Most of the referrers for this blog are sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and WordPress itself. Most visitors have been here before and rely on one of those services to let them know that something new has been posted.

Google LogoBut some people wind up here because they were searching for a word or phrase on Google or Bing, and The Pietist Schoolman happened to come up somewhere in the results. Most often, such a search makes obvious sense: lots of Pietism-related searches lead here, plus those on aspects of World War I and other historical events I discuss occasionally.

And then there are the oddballs. The connections emerge after a while, but on their face, it seems like Google has a screw loose. (A metaphorical one; surely Google has no need of something as primitive as a screw.) So as a midweek change of pace, here are a few of my favorite such search strings from the past few months, with my attempts to explain the logic that led them to my door:

  • “hats worn in last waltz”: Remarkably, this came up three times. (Presumably by the same sartorially curious person.) I did dedicate a post to the Martin Scorsese concert film The Last Waltz, in honor of the passing of Levon Helm, drummer-singer for The Band, and Levon does wear a great baseball cap in at least a couple of scenes, but still…
  • “amish chic”: I do plan to write something about some recent growth in the Amish population, but if I’m not wrong, this actually comes my caption for a picture I used of the band Mumford and Sons and how they were described by former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.
  • “g7sus4 = dm7sus4”: this strange equation refers to ongoing debate over the opening chord on The Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night,” one of my four favorite sounds.
  • “Christ Gehrz blog”: this happens more often than you might think. (Take a second look if you missed it the first time.) Of course, it’s slightly more embarrassing when I’m the one who adds the extra ‘t’ and don’t catch it. I’ve signed more than a couple e-mails in that fashion…

Then a few more that just strike me as best left unexplained (either because they’re inexplicable, or just funnier without comment):

  • “Bethel University sex”
  • “Pietism and Emily Dickinson”
  • “bane of pietism”
  • “lutheran pietist pastor alchemist frankenstein”
  • “Luther graphic novel”
  • “elca ridiculous”
  • “cheese and monuments of france”
  • “german pigeons”

3 thoughts on “Fun with Googling

  1. I agree, looking at the Google results can be interesting. Although I have only posted a few items about the Amish, they show up in some form quite a bit. Amish In California is the number one search term in my results. It is followed by Farmer Boy goes west and Dutch Blitz. I have a few interesting ones as well.

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