That Was The Week That Was

Actually, “Those Were The Weeks That Were,” as I’m backtracking over ground left uncovered during my days off…


  • I’m weary of things “being meta,” but this is my version of it: watching on YouTube as someone sings along to my own voice singing in another YouTube video visible in the background. Of course, me blogging about it adds yet another layer of self-interest, but…
  • I really do like the best of Aaron Sorkin’s work (The Social Network, Moneyball, A Few Good Men, SportsNight, and the pre-Zoey’s kidnapping years of The West Wing), though I’m not sure that admiration came off in a post about how I’m a bit more conflicted about our shared affection for one particular decade in American history.
  • Another year, another surprise appearance by an article about Pietism in Christian Scholar’s Review!

There and Everywhere

• A beauty pageant for Holocaust survivors… The New York Times asked whether it kept alive a memory, or trivialized it.

• Did Barack Obama undergo an “evolution” in thinking on the much-discussed “individual mandate” for health care coverage, as on same-sex marriage?

Sara Groves

• Human rights activism as journalism: the case of Human Rights Watch, winner this year of two Peabody awards.

• Alan Jacobs reflected on attending an “unconference” on the digital humanities.

• Kyle Roberts wondered whether the “missional church” was sufficiently “grounded in a deep theology.”

• Always fun to learn about something fascinating happening right under your nose: how Christian contemporary singer Sara Groves and her husband are trying to build “a community of creative people from across the artistic sphere who spend time together discussing art, faith and humanity in order to better understand their own purpose as artists and to create work that is good, true, and beautiful,” right here in St. Paul, MN.

• And please join me in welcoming another Bethel professor to the blogosphere: my colleague Pamela Erwin, one of the contributors at Theological Curves. I especially liked her post this past week on having conversations within diverse communities.

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