That Was The Week That Was


• Celebrating my colleague, mentor, and friend G.W. Carlson — retiring from full-time teaching after nearly 45 years on the faculty of Bethel College (now University).

• GW would have been much more articulate (and fiery) than me in explaining why history is a perfectly good field of study for anyone passionate about social justice.

• In addition to events for GW’s retirement, this past week I also had the honor of hosting our spring Senior Seminar presentations. Check out what eight Christian college students researched for their capstone projects. (Not one was directly about church history.)

• Why I’m so bothered that only a few dozen major league baseball players have college degrees.

• A new episode of The Policast features predictions for Mitt Romney’s running mate.

There and Everywhere

• I’ve added the new Patheos group blog known as The Anxious Bench to the set of feeds showing recent stories on this blog’s home page. This past week it featured several good posts, including John Fea’s moving tribute to a former student and John Turner reflecting on the meaning of “Christ is king.”

Christianity Today‘s story on creative evangelism in “post-Christian” Quebec reminded me of the good work being done in France by two Covenant missionaries supported by my church: Francisco and Stephanie Ramos.

The Flag of Transnistria
The flag of Transnistria – Wikimedia

• The crisis of infanticide and selective abortion affecting girls in India.

• I’ll admit it: I didn’t realize Europe was facing a “Transnistrian issue.”

• Wow: the sight of 40,000 Orthodox Jewish men crowded into a baseball stadium was even more amazing than it sounds.

• Alan Jacobs on how the work of researching and writing books has changed since his first one, fifteen years ago.

• Some good advice to college graduates from my institution’s president.

• And anxiety seems to be the prevailing emotion for college graduates, decade after decade, if this slideshow of commencement-related New Yorker covers is any indication.

Glen Scorgie• Congratulations to Glen Scorgie, editor of the Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, for winning a 2012 Christian Book Award. Glen is one of more than thirty Bethel University faculty members involved in the project, and has previously been featured here as a contributor to our Pietist Impulse book and for a piece he wrote on the continuing relevance of Pietism to denominations like Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference).

• Looking forward to reading The Activist Impulse as its two editors, Jared Burkholder and David Cramer, blog their way through it, chapter by chapter.

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