“J Lin”

Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin - Voice of America

2/12/12 – Last night marked the first time since their playoff run in 2004 that I actually wanted to go to a Minnesota Timberwolves game. The New York Knicks were in town, which meant that Rubio-mania ran headlong into Lin-sanity. (Final score: Lin-sanity 100, Rubio-mania 98, alas.) For more on Knicks’ point guard Jeremy Lin, I highly recommend Michael Luo’s NY Times piece: one Harvard-educated, devoutly Christian Asian-American writing about another. And if you didn’t realize that the second descriptor applied to Lin (since, as Luo points out, Lin’s faith is “quieter, potentially less polarizing but no less devout” than that of another famous Christian athlete covered here), then you might also want to read his conversation with Patheos’ Timothy Dalrymple.

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