That Was the Week That Was

What you might have missed this week, here and elsewhere:


Fujimura, Charis-Kairos
One of the contemporary Christian artists discussed by John Walford in his farewell address: Makoto Fujimura. This is Fujimura's "Charis-Kairos (The Tears of Christ)"


  • Efrem Smith on why the “Black Church today must become a Post-Black church.”
  • Scot McKnight asks a big, important question: how do (biblicist) Christians decide which texts to prioritize when Scriptures seem to support both sides of the same theological controversy?
  • The best piece of writing advice Don Miller ever received is now one of the best pieces of writing advice I’ve received.
  • The firing of an English professor at Erskine College: an illustration of how evangelical schools struggle to manage the tension that seems implicit in the description “Christian liberal arts” college.
  • As academic history continues to contract and the popular demand for historical knowledge grows, two historians recommend greater attention to and investment in public history.
  • The farewell address of Wheaton art historian John Walford: to First Things, a rebuttal to the “art world’s prohibition of non-ironic religious art.”

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