That Was the Week That Was

Here at The Pietist Schoolman

  • This Week in History included the birthdays of an anthropologist and a singer-songwriter, the Declaration of the Rights of Man, and two low moments in Italian military history: the sack of Rome in 410, and Brazil’s declaration of war in 1942!
  • Wrapping up eight posts on The Pietist Impulse in Christianity in one neatly indexed package
  • Fun facts about twenty-four colleges and universities founded by denominations with Pietist roots
  • Why I enjoy teaching the same modern European history survey course every single fall
  • And responding to the latest silliness from a practitioner of the discipline of economics

Elsewhere in the blogosphere

  • Czech memorial to Mother Teresa
    Czech memorial to Mother Teresa - Creative Commons (Michael Manas)

    My colleague Chris Armstrong is back blogging with a series on famous Christians who have experienced a “dark night of the soul”: Mother Teresa, C.S. Lewis, and Martin Luther.

  • I missed its first appearance in the Los Angeles Times last week, but this op-ed piece on the status of the liberal arts in American colleges eventually caught my eye. Quick summary: the authors support liberal arts, lament students avoiding them for more professional programs, but place more blame on professors who have used “the curriculum as their personal playgrounds,” devoted to their own research interests, with the result that “what is being taught is no longer attuned to undergraduates looking for a broader and deeper understanding of the world.”
  • I quoted the new “Class of 2015” Beloit “mindset list” in that response to the doom-saying economist. Here’s a funny reply to the very notion of a “mindset list,” casting back a hundred years.
  • Michelle BachmannAn interesting exchange at The Jesus Creed, where commenters responded (surprisingly critically) to Scot McKnight’s response to a secularist’s response to a religion reporter’s response to so-called “dominionist” evangelicals like Michelle Bachmann. My response next week…
  • Jamie Smith on the difference between skepticism and doubt. As usual with his stuff, thought-provoking, well-written, and including a potshot at “pietistic” Christianity (this time it’s responsible for concealing the place of justice in the Gospel).

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